Django Dynamic Formset v1.1 released

Almost two months ago, I released the Django Dynamic Formset plugin, with the hope that someone out there might find it useful. Since then, I’ve received a good bit of feedback, which I’ve been meaning to roll into a new release. Last weekend, I finally made some time to update the documentation and examples, and today, I updated the project site on Google Code.

This new release contains two bugfixes (thanks to Wilson.Andrew.J and an anonymous fella), as well as a few more examples (thanks lfborjas). Here’s the short list of changes:

  • Fixed bug that erased the values on all checkboxes/radiobuttons in a cloned form
  • Fixed a bug in the way the “add new” event handler was being assigned (discoverd this while adding support for multiple formsets)
  • Added support for multiple formsets on the same page — see documentation
  • Added two new examples
  • Updated the documentation

You can download the releases from the Google Code page, or use the links below:

Big Thanks to all those who reported bugs, contributed patches or just left comments — you guys rock.